Should Parents Be Allowed to Have Facebook?

Answer If you're that bothered then you can add her to your Limited Profile section, that way she can't comment on your status etc &can only see certain things. You need to tweak your privacy settings if ... Read More »

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Do you think parents should not be allowed on facebook?

Facebook is public and open to absolutely everyone.It is up to you to realise that it is public. Anything you write on it is open for everyone to see unless you are very careful. And please remembe... Read More »

Should I be allowed FaceBook?

Yeah you should be allowed but if it is private and all you should be fine, check with your friends that it IS actually them by asking them what their first teacher was called or something before y... Read More »

Should i get facebook behind my parents back?

Well, first ask yourself if you know ANY family(close or not) that have Facebook's. If they do, don't do it behind your parents back. Even if you aren't friends with your family members on Facebook... Read More »

18 years old and not allowed on Facebook! what should I do?

If you are living with your parents and they forbid you to access and/or actively blocking it, you can either create an account on someone else's PC (public access computers at a library perhaps) o... Read More »