Should YA questions be recirculated into prominent positions?

Answer Perhaps.If you just click on "answer" at the top, you usually get a list of about ten questions or so, before you get the "next" button. In peak times, questions may be asked so often that the ques... Read More »

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Can a third party "hack" into a private MSN conversation and ask questions?

This is one of those MSN viruses I am afraid. What it is is a file like an exe or a scr in some cases which when executed opens up every contact and sends that message.The best option to do is to m... Read More »

Should I look into modelling or should I give up right away?

Perhaps you could do modelling for petites, but apart from that I think your height would be a big obstacle.I'd look into modelling as more of a side job or hobby for that reason; even catalogue mo... Read More »

Questions you should expect in a job interview?

Not sure what the store "next" is, but if it a clothing store the questions I was asked for my job interview for "Suzy Shier" were the following:1. Why would you be best suited for this job?2. Wh... Read More »

What questions should I ask at a job interview?

Here a few questions I have asked during my job interviews. Good luck!!What are the most important skills you are looking for in this position?What kind of work can I expect to be doing the first y... Read More »