Should i claim the prize money?

Answer dont do it they just want you details

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Is it true you have to pay taxes on prize money before the money is authorized if you do not live in the UK?

100% SCAM for so many reasons1 - If you are not a legal resident of the UK it's not possible for you to win any sort of prize money in the UK2 - You NEVER pay taxes BEFORE you get prize money and y... Read More »

I have received letter saying I can claim prize for fee of £8.00. Is this a scam & how does if work Thanx?

yes its a scam, and it doesnt work... you lose 8 quid and give the crim your details

The so called global lottery in uk asked me a fee to claim my prize?

I hope that you were just bored when you posted this question and that it is not true that you handed over $6000 of your money to an organisation you hadnt dealt with previously just because they a... Read More »

Money prize from yahoo and MSN?

Of course you haven't and never will because Yahoo and MSN don't do lotteries!They are rival companies!Also if you never entered it how can you win?