Should i get rid of facebook?

Answer You probably should...but you one ever escapes facebook....mwhahaha

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Has Facebook been hacked Should I log into Facebook?

Yes it was yesterday - someone found it funny to post porn all over it.Is it safe? - well that's a different thing. Put it this way Facebook is a site where you post your personal details and rando... Read More »

Should I get Facebook?

No . It's addictive . Once something is put on there you can't take it off . Facebook accounts are never deleted ,even when it tells you your account is desactivated you can make it exist again wi... Read More »

Should i pop up to him on facebook?

I was scared at first but then I did and we ended up going out 2 days later! So it's definitely worth a try!

Should I be allowed FaceBook?

Yeah you should be allowed but if it is private and all you should be fine, check with your friends that it IS actually them by asking them what their first teacher was called or something before y... Read More »