Should i turn off my bt home hub off each night?

Answer I turn mine off every night, just turn it back on a couple of minutes before you need internet access.....i never have any probs. Just remember to turn off phone when you switch off hub to avoid fl... Read More »

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Is it important to turn computer off each night ?

it's better to turn on ur computer and keep it on as long as possible. i was not talking about u must keep ur computer working verytime even when u dont use the computer. the computer will have lon... Read More »

Can I turn my modem and wireless router off at the mains each night?

I turn mine off overnight, and I have Virgin, with the Netgear router too! I flick it on before I turn my 'puter on, and, by the time the 'puter has booted up, the Broadband is up and running.It's ... Read More »

Should I Turn Off Computer At Night?

Mine is never switched off. It's on 24/7/365. All my computers have remained on unless they are having something done that requires it.In over ten years I have had one failure, funnily enough a for... Read More »

Is it advisable to turn my computer off every night Will it be damaged it if I leave it on day and night?

the only main problem is electricity is not of much all the machines are designed to run 24*7but still u may need to give them rest once a while.