Should you leave wireless routers on all the time or switch them off when not in use?

Answer Although modern routers and modems are designed to be left on 24/7/365, unfortunately you live in their house and they pay the bills not you.If they are energy control freaks, then all the protesti... Read More »

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Should you switch a wireless router or leave it always on?

i never do becuase people can use your internet free and hack into your computer/laptop and steal or watch what you are doing on the net. do what this video to see what i mean Read More »

What is best for your PC, leave it on all the time or switch it on and off as you need it?

I think you should switch it off in the night to prolong the life of your computer.Computers don't really overheat anymore. I leave it on in the night alot for downloading stuff, but I'm trying to ... Read More »

Wireless Routers?

She could use a wireless access point at an elevated place in the house. An access point is a dumb wireless repeater. You can often times configure a wireless router to function as an access poin... Read More »

How to Bridge Wireless Routers?

Adding a second wireless router to a network can greatly increase the range and signal strength of the overall network. Bridging routers can also join two or more computers to a Local Area Network ... Read More »