Should you switch a wireless router or leave it always on?

Answer i never do becuase people can use your internet free and hack into your computer/laptop and steal or watch what you are doing on the net. do what this video to see what i mean Read More »

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Can we switch off wireless router at night?

No problem at all.I do.When I get up in the morning, I flick on the router before I turn on the the time the computer has booted up, the router is ready to roll!Saves money in leccie bills ... Read More »

Should you leave wireless routers on all the time or switch them off when not in use?

Although modern routers and modems are designed to be left on 24/7/365, unfortunately you live in their house and they pay the bills not you.If they are energy control freaks, then all the protesti... Read More »

Ethernet switch and standered wireless router?

Colanth is correct. There isn't any need to add an extra Switch to the Router, because Routers these days come with the Switching mechinisim built into them. Adding a Switch to a Wireless Router wo... Read More »

I have a Wireless router, why does the internet connection randomly leave?

it might be a firewall on the router, check out it gives good info on this stuff and how to fix it.