Silly question what does Send IM mean?

Answer Its to send your instant message to who you are chatting to but be lazy and just hit enter. lol

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Tax question what does this mean?

No this is not what you are owed. These are tax credits which are used so to enable one to reduce their tax bill. So lets say you earn 15000 euro. This is taxed at 20% so you owe 3000euro. However ... Read More »

What does this question mean?

It means go find a job with lower standards because your failing the application form...

Ppi question What does this letter mean?

Ask the claims company, who sound confused. One thing you can guarantee: they will want their cut in the proceeds.

What does this job application question mean?

They're wanting to know if you are dedicated to this job, or will this be just one of two, (or 3), jobs you will have. If this one is going to be your only job, they know you will probably take it ... Read More »