Simply need to know................?

Answer You can press Alt + Tab to switch to your desktop. Or press your Windows key if the game lets you.

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How Much Money Would I Need To Have Before I Can Simply Live Off The Interest?

Already got the answer to that one.... I worked out that a Million would do me... at 5% interest... (minimum)... that would give me £50k a yr. After tax, that would be ok for me to live a very co... Read More »

I realy need to know what i need to do if i want open business outside of USA?

We need more information, what you're giving us is very little to offer you some advice.

Need a LAPTOP to run DayZ for £300 -ish need to know that it will 100% work!?

It is hard to find a high powered laptop at that price (it's like asking for free gold) but alienware make good gaming computers and I think they do a £500 laptop if you can raise your budget at all

Im setting up a digital record label & i need to know what hmrc taxes i need to register for?

If you are trading you MUST be registered. If it is just you then you would probablly find it easisest to register for Self Assessment. Look at - have a read then write to hmrc. have a ... Read More »