Sites like Facebook Safe ones?

Answer Theres beebo,have you tried it

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Why are sites social networking sites like facebook and twittter so popular is this a good or bad thing?

Social networking sites are popular because they appeal to everyone.The difference between them and the 'gaming' websites you talk about are that the gaming sites NARROW their target audience! It a... Read More »

Can you all share your good web sites im sick of the same ones . i.e youtube ... funny web sites?

1. Download and install Firefox: Install the StumbleUpon extension:…3. Follow the directions and start 'stumbling'... Read More »

How un-safe for children and teenagers are blog internet sites like bebo and myspace?

I agree but not only for teenagers. Well I'm a teenager I have a life, I have friends and I don't need MySpace-like sites to communicate with my friends or to gain new ones.I know that We can never... Read More »

What kind of servers do big sites like facebook use?

Big sites like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google use large, custom server farms like you find nowhere else. They typically use a lot of small servers instead of larger ones, because if one fa... Read More »