Sky broadband, service cable ?

Answer do a test here and when its done on the top there's see you street state (how fast is your neighbour) there you can see how fast ppl are around you area and who there isp is( only if they have test... Read More »

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Is Cable Broadband better than ADSL line broadband?

DSL is cheaper but slower. Cable is faster but more expensive. Your opinion.

What Is a Broadband Cable Modem?

A broadband cable modem is a piece of digital equipment used to connect computers to Internet service provided by a cable television company. Often, a person receives a broadband cable modem from t... Read More »

How Can I Get the Best Broadband Service?

The best broadband service is defined by those factors that are most important to you. If money is no object, the best plan might be the fastest plan. If money is the primary concern, the best broa... Read More »

Getting sky broadband do idisconect my cable modem?

Simply replace the current router with the new one. Follow their instructions on security.…If you intend to go wireless then do a connection with an ethern... Read More »