Slow bt broadband poor service?

Answer If you registered to offer the BT FON service (BTWiFi or BTOpenzone), then you could potentially lose up to about 3 Mbps of your broadband. Unless you have a slow broadband connection, this should ... Read More »

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Is anyone else cosidering leaving BT broadband due to indian help desks poor service?

I know exactly where your coming from mate..After spending loads of time trying to tell tell the twats who could hardly understand me i finally got a replacement "home hub" My first one was fucked ... Read More »

What is an Appropriate Tip for Poor Service at a Restaurant?

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Help with slow bt broadband?

I have experienced similar problems on a BT line. I had a BT Home Hub 1 that developed a problem after about 6 years of service. BT sent me a Home Hub 2 as a free replacement, but every time we mad... Read More »

Why Is My Broadband So Slow?

Call the cable company and complain. They will change your switch port if they see that the packets are dropping. That's what I did and the speed improved.