Slow downloads due to broken undersea cables?

Answer Yes, the news report I saw said that it would take a week to fix it. I am in Africa and did notice some problems.

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What is the cause of slow downloads?

You can only download as fast as the other end can upload, try going to known fast websites and download off of them as a test. Microsoft's website is quick and also try your ISP's website. Do band... Read More »

Slow Google Play Downloads?

Check to see how many apps ans programs your using while downloading. I've had the same problem on my HTC EVO. If there's a high CPU usage everything will slow down.

My PC is running slow, my daughter downloads loads of music, could this be the cause of my problem?

Yamaha xup cables broken are they under warranty bike is R118months old?

Cables are covered, but unless you've got the exteneded warranty I'm pretty sure your out of luck. Doesn't the factory warranty expire after 12 mos?