Smart Cover or EarPods?

Answer It depends if you listen to music a lot then the ear pods would be more useful than the smart cover but because its a new ipad mini you might want to protect it so think which item would be most us... Read More »

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How to clean an ipad Smart Cover?

My names Beth Anyway I've got a tablet and the same thing happens to mine I use the nozzle of the hoover it works perfectly Hope I helped

Do I need new Apple Earpods?

Dry them out before using them again. Thy should be fine.If you buy new earphones. Don't get earpods. They're okay when they come with a device but they're a waste of money on their own. Try ou... Read More »

Hello, I have a interview tomorrow. Should i wear plan smart or girly smart?

Depends what the interview is for.If you are applying for a job in a shop then your chav black trouser outfit.If the interview is somehwere nice then the grey suit..

How do you cover up a spot effectively with a cover up stick and some press powder?

ok so moisturize it first so the makeup doesnt crack and peel. so after applying moisturizer, get alittle bit of the cover up stick on a cutip or your finger( make sure your hands are clean!) and a... Read More »