So how does this work?

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Does this graphics card work with this motherboard?

Hi,Yes the motherboard will take that graphics card.Arnak

Work that is pro-rata What does this mean (I have never worked this way)?

Translated, pro rata means in proportion or according to a certain rate. Therefore if the job is advertised as £15k per year pro rata it will mean that full time it will pay £15k but the pay will... Read More »

Does this processor work with this motherboard?

yes it would work but i would suggest a diffrent processorcheaper by 9 pounds…4 more pounds more this is the ivy bridge series which is the last generation... Read More »

My job schedules me to work twice a day. They schedule me to work 11-2 and then 5-9. Does this seem right?

I don't see what's wrong with it................ it's only 6 hours. Unless you have stated before that you can't work those shifts then i don't see the problem.