Solid state drive file systems?

Answer The same as normal HDDFAT / NTFS (Windows)EXT 1/2/3/4 ect (Linux)Any file system you use on a HDD will work on a SSD, if you are having trouble seeing your SSD it's probably a because you need driv... Read More »

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What Is a Solid State Drive?

A solid state drive is a device, often used with computers and similar technology, which stores data on short-term or long-term memory. This sort of device is different from disc drives in that dis... Read More »

Is glass in a gaseous state, a liquid state or a solid state If I remember back to my freshman college year, it seems my prof said it was in a highly viscous state; therefore a liquid. — GC, Garland, Texas?

The answer to that question is complicated—glass is neither a normal liquid nor a normal solid. While the atoms in glass are essentially fixed in place like those in a normal solid, they are arra... Read More »

How do I install a solid state hard drive?

you installed a solid state drive some way you would with a standard hard dive, With laptop, underneath theres a plate it should have an little icon saying its a hard drive, Its a matter of undoing... Read More »

Installing a solid state hard drive?

It seems that you just wat to do a standard install.The SSD as most SSD's has a 2.5" form factor.Most tower cases only hve bays for 3.5" form factor drives.So if its just general fitting you want a... Read More »