Some 1 on here must have these and what i am wanting to no look below for more info?

Answer Why doesn't anyone use periods anymore? Do you not realize how hard it is for people reading your words to understand what you're trying to say? Also, there is a difference between know and now and... Read More »

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Hello please look below below for more information thank you?

You know the answer to this question, having just last yesterday posted a sensible question about posts for Customer Services Assistants at Leeds Central which appear on Nationalexpress website. Wh... Read More »

Im 15 and dont know what to become when im older, help (more info below)?

it is not a problem that you don't know what you want to do for your career. at least you have an open mind and therefore options. I know a lot of people who were convinced they wanted to be a do... Read More »

I'm updating my iPod to the iOS 6, but it's backing up, more info below!?

It makes a backup of all your stuff. It then wipes the iPod, installs iOS 6 and then copies everything back from the backup. The whole process can take up to two hours depending on how much stuff ... Read More »

I brought some shares for £2.40 &then went on to buy some more for £2.00 i'm currently wanting to sell my?

You tell your broker you want to sell your 2.00 shares.