Some one came to collect my computer, will he be able to have access to my files?

Answer Don't be so stupid next time.

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MSN Remote Assistance... How long wil one have de access to another's computer after allowing access?

Until ether you or the other person disconnects the connection, you both should have the ability to do that. If you never disconnect RA, it will always be enabled as long as your machine is on. TIP... Read More »

If i download files to flash drive,can i then delete the files from computer?

Yes, just go into Wndows Explorer, select the file(s), right click and select 'delete'

How to Access WIM Files?

WIM stands for "Windows Image Format." It is a disk backup file format, which means it's a virtual version of a compact disc that has been digitised for backup and storage purposes. You can access ... Read More »

How to Access SD Card Files on an Android?

Smartphone owners running the Android mobile operating system can access the phone's SD card files from their PC. Android has a built-in USB flash drive feature that turns your SD card into an exte... Read More »