Some one has hacked into my facebook and it wont let me log in ,?

Answer Wtfc

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Has Facebook been hacked Should I log into Facebook?

Yes it was yesterday - someone found it funny to post porn all over it.Is it safe? - well that's a different thing. Put it this way Facebook is a site where you post your personal details and rando... Read More »

My dad has hacked into my facebook account need help! He found out everything about me!?

Put a simple keylogger on his computer if you have access to it . Check it and print out the logs of his activity. You can google keyloggers and many of them offer free trials

I just typed area 51 into google earth i wont get into trouble will i?

How Do I Know If My PC Is Being Hacked Into?

Computer security should be one of the leading concerns for computer users, especially if they handle a great deal of financial activity over the Internet. Computer hacking software can steal perso... Read More »