Somebody please help me to understand......?

Answer The wireless issue: depends on the wireless device. Have you tried right-clicking on the wireless connection icon in your system tray (lower right corner of your screen), select View Wireless Conne... Read More »

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I'm a musician seeking to better understand harmonics. I've read plenty of definitions and so I understand "what" they are, but I'm having a hard time visualizing them. What confuses me is the idea that a string can vibrate at multiple frequencies at?

To help you visualize how a string can vibrate at several frequencies at once, I wrote a flash program that shows you what a vibrating string looks like. That program should appear below this note.... Read More »

How to Understand a P60?

A P60 is basically a document which gives you a record of your earnings and tax for the past financial year. It is basically for your records and you will need your past P60s when applying for thi... Read More »

I don't understand?

There are many games where such a configuration (Bulldozer FX processor and Radeon HD 7770) can only play on high settings, not ultra. Especially people with monitors of 1920x1200 or higher resolu... Read More »

Does anyone understand tax?

I would have thought as it is classed as a job then you would have to declare all earnings on it. Your NINo is to pay national insurance, which is not relevant to tax, but I would say you'd still p... Read More »