Someone Hacked my facebook?

Answer Basically you can't and wont be able to.Your account's security is entirely your responsibility and no one else's!FB and any other site will tell you the same thing, use weak passwordsand expect to... Read More »

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How do I trace someone who has hacked my facebook?

That information is only available from FB.!/h…

Someone hacked my cousins Facebook account?

She should contact facebook right away at their help center ( ). Hopefully they can track down the Static IP address of whoever did this and file charges against them... Read More »

Someone hacked my facebook. Do i call the police?

This is very serious, you should definitely call the police.After calling the police, they would go to her house and kick open the front door, throw in tear gas, beat the occupants until they faint... Read More »

On facebook someone is saying your getting hacked....?

I never go on face book and it is true a woman was told her friend and her husband lost there passports and stuff while on holiday by some people who hacked into her account. She wired over £2500 ... Read More »