Someone from my local area-facebook fake account!?

Answer One question. Does this personally affect you in any way?How do you know if this person is incognito because of violence issues?As for photos, half the photos on FB are fake. You can use any photo ... Read More »

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Facebook fake account?

don't worry, you did the right thing! I did this a few months ago to get back at a bully , I realised that it was illegal so I deactivated it imediatly !! xxyour not a bad person, have a good day x

What is with all these 'fake' facebook account things?

Spammers will buy facebook accounts from you based on the number of friends, after they buy the account they start sending messages.But yeah they are fake accounts until a spammer buys them from th... Read More »

Someone has made a fake account on facebook!?

Report the profile as a fake. Or even better, have this Katie girl report the profile saying that it is using HER pics.

Fake facebook account... can i get arrested?

I wouldn't worry, loads of people make fake accounts, your just unlucky that the actually person's wife found it. The obviously reported it and it got removed. there is no more you can do about it.... Read More »