Someone is faking me on Facebook!?

Answer I'm pretty sure this is identity theft which is a big crime and im sure there can be hefty consequences. REPORT!

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Faking who i am to my online boyfriend?

I don't know...this is a weird situation to be in. Your honestly to young for all of this. He could be in college while your in middle school. Why don't you date someone your own age? The mentality... Read More »

How do i find people faking me on bebo (like they have my picture and is somebody else) ?

You have to rely on word of mouth. If someone confronts you saying, I found a faker. [I had this problem] theres also a

Punishment for faking an accident and then claiming benefits.?

She may be pulling your leg. I would shop her. i'm fed up hearing about these lying scroungers. I would shop her as well. Based on what you've said I get the impression you are not particularly cer... Read More »

What's the difference between the Facebook app, Facebook messenger app and facebook in iPhone settings?

The Facebook app is basically a version of the website enhanced for the iPhone, whereas the integrated Facebook integration in iOS is only for posting statuses. The messenger app is basically a fas... Read More »