Someone put a video of me on Facebook and I don't want it on?

Answer It's spam, if you click on it, the same message will send to everyone who follows you, just delete it.

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If i dont want someone to know i was in a hospital, can i get a friend to pay?

Yes, you can pay with cash. The hospital will be sending the bills to whatever address you gave them when you checked in. Just take the bill and the money to the hospital's business office and pay ... Read More »

If someone has a video of u which u don't want 2 be put on youtube and u clearly tell them u don't want it on.?

If you were filmed in public, or knew that you were being filmed in a private setting and didn't object, there's really nothing you can legally do.

I really want my pictures on google images but i dont know how to do it please someone help me !?

Two procedures. 1. Upload & tag your picture on a PR 5 page! (hardest one)2. Simply, Install Google Earth and tag the picture on your home address.

I want to copy a video from Facebook to my laptop. How do I do it?

If you using internet explorer you could also download any streamed video by using Orbit.This is a very quick and easy tool to use as it scans the page your on and shows you the different video fil... Read More »