Son has control of our internet?

Answer i agree with aye bee my advice for your situation since neither of your are that fermiler with computers and you say he can create his own software and he's really addicted to the computer with lot... Read More »

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Who owns the internet Where is the INTERNET basedDoes it have a control room of some kind or just satelites?

Should the government have the right to control the internet?

No they shouldn't because if they controlled the internet it would restrict the public's right to freedom of speech.

What Is the Internet Control Message Protocol?

The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is a utility used for error reporting and diagnostic purposes in computer networks. ICMP is part of the Internet Protocol (IP) Suite, and consists of pr... Read More »

What areas of control are most important in business, and how would you develop a control system?

In most companies, even the ones enjoying steady horizontal growth, The importance of vertical growth over upward advancement is not even acknowledged. The employee hierarchy should be set on its s... Read More »