Sony DVD/CD player problem can you help please Error message " I/O device error" any fix for this?

Answer try re installing the software for the device...........go into system device manager from you control panel / device manger and uninstall it then reload the software or let windows recognize it an... Read More »

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Everytime i sign in i get an error message - runner error.....invalid backweb application id "7288971"?

did you had a kodak program on the computer (including Compaq, HP, McAfee...)i.e.c:\Prograram Files\Kodak\KODAK Software Updater\7288971\Prograrm'backWeb-7288971…if yes ... reinstall it then unin... Read More »

Norton have found a problem - error message?

Hi ,1- remove any security software on your computer .2- at safe mode with network scan your system wirh Symantec NPE or Trend micro ATTK .3- install latest version norton you bought and active it ... Read More »

I have a problem with my memory stick error message?

Try plugging it into a different USB port or another computer.If that doesn't work, the drive is corrupted. Retrieving whatever is on it could be impossible.If you know anyone familiar with drive r... Read More »

error message what to do script error?

Stop using Internet Explorer and use Google Chrome instead. Use the single keystroke ctrl/alt/del to bring up the Windows Task Manager and issue "End Task" for that instance of your browser. Then r... Read More »