Sooo my buffering problem is my carrier?

Answer Speed is what is causing you to buffer so much, not your carrier. It doesn't matter who your carrier is, as long as you get more speed, you'll be fine. Call your current ISP and ask for a faster ... Read More »

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Sooo, do you sleep naked?

I usually sleep in just a tank top and underpants.

I.C.T help (10 points) answers as many as u can thank you sooo much?

1.) The Digital Divide, or the digital split, is a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the Internet (specially broadband access) and those... Read More »

Why is the tax sooo high on skoda 1.4?

The 1.4 MPi engine was a cheaper alternative to the 1.4 16v. It had an older engine, without all the latest fuel-saving technology, but cost less to buy.Its fuel consumption, and hence its CO2 emis... Read More »