Sorry again for stupid question what is wi fi?

Answer Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is the term used for the popular wireless technology used in home networks, mobile phones, video games and other electronic devices that require some form of wireless netw... Read More »

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Sorry ip question again?

It doesn't matter if its static or dynamic IP address.Admins can see that the IP is from the same computer that has been banned.

Sorry to be stupid but what does imoa mean Or is it Imao?

As you appear to be new to acronym speaking here are some that will broaden your education.! "I have a comment" $0.02 Throwing in your two cents worth. "G" Grin 501 An excuse that's full of holes. ... Read More »

Sorry to be stupid, but what is the difference betwwen a modem and a router?

with a modem, you need to dial up to your provider to get connected to the internet. with a router, you are directly on the internet - no dial up needed.

Insurance Again ( sorry )?

Reading through the reviews, it seems that EVERYONE has problems with I Buy Eco!!!http://www.reviewcent...153955.html#tabs-menuAND with Dial Direct!http://www.reviewcent...112701.html#tabs-menuTher... Read More »