Sorry again for stupid question what is wi fi?

Answer Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is the term used for the popular wireless technology used in home networks, mobile phones, video games and other electronic devices that require some form of wireless netw... Read More »

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Stupid question maybe..?

I've always used AMD processors but I believe Intel are starting to get the edge on top of the range procesors :-(

Stupid Question?

it enables us to open our eyes wider hence getting a more even coverage of the lashes!hope that clears it up!

May seem like a stupid question but.....?

yeah your laptop will be wireless enabled so you can go to cafes, etc where they have wireless internet, but at home you will need a wireless router

This is a really stupid question.........?

they are going to remove it from your brow you might just want to apply it after your done, and they put that cream on for redness and stingeveryone is different so call if you can and a... Read More »