Stack overflow at line 27... please someone tell me what this means on my facebook?

Answer Thanks very much mrs bond i just got a Virus looking for it.~put another q on chicken or tomato soup.~no joke Ej ok now minebelow may be ok hunnote::Well, the reason causing Stack Overflow Error is... Read More »

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Can someone please tell me what a non-profit job isMy friend said it means i wont get paid. If this true?

Working for a non-profit organization doesn't mean you don't get paid. The non-profits are supported by donations or government funds. Non-profit just means the organization isn't out to make a pro... Read More »

What does 'stack overflow at line 144 mean and how do I get rid of it?

This depends. Internet Explorer (or what ever browser you are using) may be using too much memory on its call stack, or it may be Facebook causing too much memory to be used on the call stack. It m... Read More »

Why do i get the message stack overflow at line 0?

because myspace is changing things a lot, and sometimes there are errorsit's not anything you are doing wrong, you just have to wait for myspace to finish fixing things....

What does {stack overflow on line 0} mean it comes up on my puta often ,,,thanks?

Without more information, it is impossible to tell. However, it occurs when there is a loop of some sort in a recursive call giving a stack depth of more than the maximum of 13.