Stalking app. on facebook?

Answer www.stalkercheck.comIts just based on who goes on your profile the most, and based on the people who have commented on your photos, replied, etc etc.But I found out that some people in my friends l... Read More »

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Have you ever done Facebook stalking?

Yes...but it's only because I was completely cut off from this person. No contact at all-period and it was hard because this person was once very close to me. I don't recommend facebook stalking th... Read More »

The boundaries of facebook stalking?

What on earth are you talking about?Facebook is a public website - viewing PUBLICLY posted profiles can hardly be considered stalking!That's the whole freaking point of sites like Facebook. People ... Read More »

My teacher is stalking me on FaceBook.... ):?

She can not do that. Facebook is your private personal life and has nothing to do with school suspension. Tell her that you will bring it up to the court system or something. Threaten her back!

How to Block Who Is Stalking Your Profile on Facebook?

Frequent Facebook status updates and features such as Places can leave you vulnerable to unwanted attention from a stalker. Although you can adjust your privacy settings or unfriend someone, that i... Read More »