Static coming from speakers!!?

Answer You are suffering from machine noise either from your computer or most likely from your wireless router..The BT Homehub is known to kick out a noisy signal that is easily picked up by amplifiers an... Read More »

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I constantly have a noise, like a static, coming from my speakers any ideas what causing this oand how to stop?

Could be something shot in your actual speakers. Another option would be if your input device has it's own volume. For example, if you are running an Ipod through your car stereo, if the Ipod vol... Read More »

Car Audio: Speakers Making "Static" Noise?

Sounds like a ground problem. i had a pioneer do the same thing and it turned out to be the alternator. i ran a heavy gauge ground wire from the alternator to the frame and everything sounded cryst... Read More »

Why is there no sound coming from my speakers?

There's no sound coming from my stereo speakers what could it be?

Hi it sounds like you could have a short circuit , crossed wire , brokens/torn wire , or a loose connection , please check your wiring through from your head unit to your speakers and repair the sl... Read More »