Storing Honey?

Answer Don't store in the fridge as it's the cold that makes it cloudy. Put jar in a pan of warm water to get it clear again (or microwave carefully). Forgot to add - it's the sugars crystallising out tha... Read More »

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Honey!!! Lolz is honey good for u pimples!?

Honey - contains pinocembrin, a potent antioxidant, used to soothe, disinfect, and speed up healing.Healing Honey Mask: Place warm/damp cloth of face, apply honey 20 mins, rinse, then use cold wate... Read More »

Raw Honey Vs. Manuka Honey for Wound Care?

With the popularity of natural living and the advancement of alternative therapies to treat illness and disease, many people have turned to natural sources such as honey for wound care. Unlike past... Read More »

Storing Peppers?

I dry mine by "sewing" thread through the stalks and tying them together. I hang them off a kitchen cupboard and they dry very quickly. I also freeze them, they keep very well and you can use them ... Read More »

Storing freezer jam?

I would be very wary of it because the glass could shatter or the screw top could be forced off as the freezing process expands the liquid... leaving you with a very messy freezer and no jam! I wou... Read More »