Strange internet problem...?

Answer Sounds as if it's definitely your cable cutting your signal - is it aluminium cored? if so try switching to a flat copper cored extension phone cable, a bit pricier but it may well solve both of yo... Read More »

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Strange IP address problem?

Your IP address has NOTHING to do with your location, that of your local exchange or your provider address. It will return the geographical address of the actual Internet service provider (maybe no... Read More »

Answerbank problem .... how strange this is.?

> Any ideas pleaseNone which will please the Ed... mmmmm Is it to do with the adverts Mark? Does this happen to others then, its the first time I have encountered it. I think it happens when someon... Read More »

Strange problem with Chrome...?

1 of 2 things either your browser has been infected, or an add on has been enabled. disable the add on for chrome and/or, try this, make sure you get this from kasperky, google it tdsskiller, it... Read More »

Internet are you having this problem?

I had the same problem, but couldn't make I.E. work right... I would suggest downloading Opera or Firefox. Both are more secure than I.E., and both will lesson or eliminate your popup problem, bu... Read More »