Structural Home Inspection and Water Leaking?

Answer Water leaks are the second most common reason for filing a homeowner's insurance claim, and they account for billions in losses each year. Leaks develop as plumbing fittings rust, crack or flex, an... Read More »

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I have 1993 honda accord.water is leaking out of a hole at back of motor. Is the water pump finished?

Not necessarily, it could be a gasket,hose or core plug. Can you identify exactly where the water is coming from? There will normally be a rusty colour stain leading up to the leak.

How Do I Perform a Water Damage Inspection?

There are a variety of ways to conduct water damage inspection in your home, but the simplest is a visual search for stains, discolorations, distortions or any combination of the three. These sign... Read More »

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough walk-through of a home conducted by a professional inspector. While inspections can be conducted for many reasons, they are most often conducted when buying a home, ... Read More »

Home Electrical Inspection Checklist?

Electrical hazards can cause fires in the home. A slight spark near any combustible object could instantly create flames. Therefore, it is important that you inspect all electrical aspects of your ... Read More »