Stuck for things to put on my Twitter blog!?

Answer Have you read any good books lately? Maybe something struck you. Or perhaps talk about your sporting interests, or what happens in the town where you live.Just a few thoughts.

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I got a message on twitter saying people are writing bad things about me on there blog is this fake?

Its a scam. When they post the link DONT click it. I clicked it once and my twitter account with 15k+ got hacked and i havent gotton it back yet. Your friend isnt the one who has sent that it is a ... Read More »

Good things to blog about?

Anything you want! My philosophy is that if you don't have a defined niche, people will keep coming to your site for your voice. I just started a blog but it has no niche. I believe my writing and ... Read More »

I'm stuck between two things to invest in for my hobby?

As a nature photographer in spare time I like your idea of photography.You have widely differing interests which is good. But to me building a gaming computer, while interesting to do has less bene... Read More »

Blog hosts where i can use ads (google adsense and all that kind of things)?

Create a blogger blog.You can create a blogger(blogspot) from your google account (gmail)Goto layouts and click on monetize tab and set your adsense.Clicking on categories won't generate you any re... Read More »