Swapping battleon Acc lvl 46 guardian !?

Answer Please, please give me your account.Please send it to my it

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How do I Become a Guardian?

To become a guardian you will have to be assessed by social services to ensure you are fit to be a guardian. The social services would submit a report to the Family Prceedings court, and they would... Read More »

guardian genius 75?

Council housing swapping?

Go onto your local council web site and look in the housing section and it will have details of how swaps are made in the areas. Some areas also offer a financial incentive if you downsize and free... Read More »

How do I Meet My Guardian Angel?

If, by guardian angel, your mean soul-mate, the love of your life, you just need to be yourself and try to be sociable. Interact more with people and the right person would come your way.