Switch between 2 facebook accounts?

Answer They take them down if they find out they belong to you, but for the reasons your using them, I think you won't have to worry. They threaten to take down multiple accounts cause most people use the... Read More »

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How to Switch iTunes Accounts for the iPad?

When you share your iPad with other users, such as a parent or sibling, it helps to create an individual iTunes Store account for each one. This will give each user the freedom to download items fr... Read More »

I want to switch bank accounts but I've been told that I can't.?

Yes it can be if it is a requirement that either you have to be an existing customer with one of our current accounts in order to qualify for the loan, or, as a condition of taking our our loan you... Read More »

I want to switch current accounts - recommendations please!?

Current accounts are all the same so why should I bother to switch?

Better interest rates, other services (I get legal advice and travel insurance with my Natwest Gold account). Shop around, you'll find something that'll take your fancy.