Switched mail servers - but one person who emails me still goes to the old server?

Answer It depends, is this "One Person" still on your oldmail server? If so it might be that your "domain" is still there so it is simply being delivered to that rather than doing an external lookup of th... Read More »

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How can i find out what my incoming and outgoing mail servers are?

Go to the help files for pop3 settings in your email service providers homepage this will give you the incoming and outgoing email settings you require

Samsung galaxy note server error emails?

Need more info. What email provider is she using and also what settings are you using for the outgoing? Pop or Imap?If it was working and just stopped then it could be something on their end that... Read More »

I use Mac Mail and iphone 5 I want to get emails on both, at the moment I get them on one or the other?

iPhone:Settings > Mail > eMail Address > Advanced > Delete from server > Never (or after Seven Days as appropriate)Mac Mail:Preferences > Accounts > Select eMail account on left > Advanced > Remove... Read More »

How to Compare Wireless Print Servers & Wireless Server Software?

Wireless print servers and server software enable the sharing of one or more printers by a computer network. The wireless print server is typically connected to the shared printer as well as the ne... Read More »