Symptoms That My AC Is Low on Freon?

Answer Whether sitting in a car or in your home, the air conditioning unit is designed to keep a consistently cool temperature even while warmer temperatures burn outside. If the air conditioner cannot ke... Read More »

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The Symptoms of Freon Exposure?

Freon is the trademark name of chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbon solvents manufactured by the company Dupont. You'll find Freon in commercial products such as refrigerants, fire extinguishers... Read More »

How to Add R-22 Freon?

The best advice for recharging a home air conditioning unit that uses R-22 refrigerant is to call a certified HVAC specialist. R-22 is heavily-regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, and ... Read More »

What Happens When There Is Too Much Freon in Your AC?

The typical air conditioning system consists of a condenser, evaporator, accumulator, compressor and high and low pressure lines. They all work in concert with each other to cycle freon, which chan... Read More »

How to Remove Freon?

In most air-conditioning equipped cars built prior to April 24, 1995, the air-conditioning system came filled with R12 Freon. On April 24, 1995, the Clean Air Act was signed into law and R12 was ph... Read More »