Syncing a folder on 7 iPads?

Answer Hi,I don't believe there are any "true' syncing apps/services available that does realtime syncing on an iPad, however services like Dropbox can keep files in sync.The way that it works on an Ipad ... Read More »

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Copying URL to folder on desktop, how to prevent folder "blinking"?

Erm.. I'm quite confused cause in XP & Win 7 i can simply..Drag the icon from desktop.. Hover over a folder open on taskbar..The folder pops up.. then i move the mouse over the folder and drop it i... Read More »

How do i delete a folder, it says: error deleting file or folder. cannot delete, it is bein used by another...?

Even if all the files in it have been deleted, if one or more of your programs have recently saved or opened a file in that folder, then you won't be able to delete it.For example, if you've been e... Read More »

How to Tell If Someone Is Lip Syncing?

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Syncing iphone to new laptop?

If you have bought all your songs through Itunes you won't lose any of your songs, if your songs are copied from CDs etc you will. You need to buy some iphone transfer software to copy your songs o... Read More »