System Service Experience Error?

Answer If you got a Windows disc with the computer then insert it and run a repair, I can`t see any other solution if your computer only stays on for 3 minutes.Or get in touch with Packard Bell from anoth... Read More »

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What does Service Error -27 mean on google?

I think it's when an app cannot connect to the server, and there is probably a bug or some other error with an app.

System Error?

We are going to need more than that to help. What are you doing at the time when it comes up? What application are you using? Is it on a website? As SB says, we need more information.However system... Read More »

Bad experience with public bus service?

try to remember the bus number, and the guys face, and than stalk him into his sleep and mug him!!!!! Of course no one would really do that but.... Just don't let his rudeness go unnoticed, if you ... Read More »

Best customers service experience?

I'm not sure of the best but the worst is PIPEX, absolutely useless. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.The OFTCOM regulator is no better!