System no supported what does it mean,running xp?

Answer that means what ever ur r doing or tiring to run or install the system can't run it:)

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'Input not supported' is the message floating about on the screen of my new computer. What does this mean...?

u need to change the acreen resolution..u can try to restart it and see if it autio adjusts if not ull need to do it via controle pannel

Why does my tft screen say 'input not supported'?

pnp -plug and play monitors dont need any drivers,main problem could be the VGA or DVi plug,make sure it is connected fine and not loosely connectedif that is fine then the only thing i can think o... Read More »

How does zavoli alisei N system LPG system work I don't think it is working properly?

You need to take this to a garage that deals with LPG systems.

How Does the Lymphatic System Interact With the Cardiovascular System?

To improve the aesthetic qualities of door hardware, many modern-day manufacturers are producing doorknobs that come with a false cosmetic plate. This plate covers the operational hardware of the d... Read More »