TAX return - averaging for Artists?

Answer Farmers and creative artists can average.You can average any 2 consecutive year as long as it doesn't include your first or last year of trading, and doesn't include a year that has already been av... Read More »

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Do averaging speed cameras really work. has anyone been caught?

A big thumbs up to mad penguin. That is exactly how they work. They were first introduced to fight the threat of terrorists, by reading number plates. Usually seen near ferry ports. As our town ha... Read More »

How does current flow and return in a home electric hot water heater I only see two black hot wires and no white return wire. — DT, Waianae, HI?

Your hot water heater is powered by 240 volt electric power through the two black wires. Each black wire is hot, meaning that its voltage fluctuates up and down significantly with respect to ground... Read More »

Is return on equity (ROE) the same as return on shareholder funds (ROSF)?

I suggest you Google the definition of each.

If I buy a return train ticked can I use the return 2weeks later?

Providing it is an Anytime Return, Off Peak Return or Super Off Peak Return then yes the return portion on these can be used for return travel within a month of the outward travel date. For Anytime... Read More »