THE MOST interesting QUESTION ever ASKED on YAHOO! AND YOU HAVE THE most beautiful ANSWER!?

Answer Your "question" is really confusing me....

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This has to be the most pointless question i have ever asked...?

I worked at Mcdonalds when I was 16 and yes you can ask for no mayo. People would come in and ask for hamburgers with no gerkins etc. Remember that some people have allergies so may not be able to... Read More »

Who is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen?

she is…

Is this going to be the most answered question ever on Yahoo answers?

Well I'll answer your question, but I think its 100% gonna be a no, however perhaps there is chance of you getting hired by Sir Alan Sugar???

Who is the most beautiful babe in Yahoo answers' site?

Maybe a handful on the immigration category.But you'll need to go with your wits since most on there are cartoon avatars profiles.. GOOD LUCK!