THE MOST interesting QUESTION ever ASKED on YAHOO! AND YOU HAVE THE most beautiful ANSWER!?

Answer Your "question" is really confusing me....

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Why can only beautiful people answer this question?

Has anybody ever asked a question on here and never gotten an answer !?

yes. this is it:do you think fred flinstone had foot problems later in life, due to the use of them as brakes for his car?

In a job interview when asked this question how would you answer?

I always give them an insanely wide range. In general, whoever throws out the first number is at the disadvantage, so the ball is in your court. You can make your lowest cutoff 18,000, as long as... Read More »

Are you creative Then answer a question I haven't asked.....?

You didn`t ask if I could play cricket, so if I say yes I have answered a question you did not ask, and no it was not you who stumped me, it was the wicket keeper.