TP-Link TL-PA211KIT 200Mbps Mini Powerline Ethernet Adapter?

Answer They are both rated at 200Mbit so should have exactly the same performance.I've used a few of the TP-Link ones and they work well.The only consideration really is if you are likely to be doing any ... Read More »

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How do you use a powerline-ethernet adapter with filter?

Powerline-Ethernet adapters use your 120vac house power as an Ethernet Bus. Every 120vac outlet is usable for an adapter. There is no filters used.

Wifi adapter or Powerline Adapter?

If it's a desktop, I wouldn't think twice about running a networking cable to begin with. Wireless sucks if you want all the speed your ISP allots you.Edit: Have it your way. Just don't come in her... Read More »

Powerline ethernet adaptor?

works fine with my television Thanks will let her know. Works fine for me, even over my extended and complicated setup which is:Office: Phone line comes into office (about 30 metres from house) I... Read More »

Powerline plug ethernet?

powerline plugs use your electrical wiring to transfer signals.. as long as you connect them to plugs that share the same wiring (anywhere in house) then doesnt matter how many plugs you have.... 2... Read More »