Tablet Vs The Scrap?

Answer You are right - although one hundred years is a long time. Sales figures do not lie.……As the tablet processors b... Read More »

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How to Make Scrap Tote Bags From Scrap Material?

Save left over selvedge from sewing projects to create a scrap tote from the scrap material. Scrap totes are colourful and make versatile carryalls, from beach bags to scrapbooking supplies. Design... Read More »

How to use a kindle fire or an asus tablet as a drawing tablet?

You can install some drawing apps on your tablet, so you can do drawing on your tablet. You can't make the tablet as an input device for your computer, but you should be able to export the drawing ... Read More »

How can i scrap my car?

Run it over a cliff. Devoid of passengers I might add.

I have a car that i want to scrap?

shop around for the best place, they will Pay you for it, around £100 to £150 and they will deal with the paerwork declaring it scrap, so there is no real need for you to waste time and complic... Read More »