Talktalk broadband slow?

Answer sooooo sloooww! i have the same problem, sometimes it wont link at all. its really irritating. i find its worse in the evening, when lots of people might be using the wwwits usually fine if i use i... Read More »

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My talktalk broadband is ok during day but in the evening is so slow it stops whats the answer?

TalkTalk is useless, I've just cancelled mine because it's too unstable and there was NO WAY they were going to lock me into 18 months of a substandard service. I have had problems for weeks and w... Read More »

Is talktalk broadband any good?

It's rubbish! Orange is rubbish too! Sky broadband is the best at the moment. It's cheap, fast and reliable.

TalkTalk Broadband trouble?

Isn't it obvious you need to call THEM then?

Switching from talktalk to sky broadband?

You are probably connected direct to talktalk equipment. You can't go direct from there to Sky - but that should not be something you have to handle. If you suspect for a moment talktalk are trying... Read More »