Taskbar is on left hand side not bottom of do i change that?

Answer first right click on the taskbar and make sure that "Lock The Taskbar" option is unchecked and then click on taskbar and hold your click and drag it down or where ever you want to place it after th... Read More »

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Yesterday my task bar moved from the bottom of the screen to the left hand side.?

Just grab onto a blank part of the taskbar and drag it back to the bottom.You can lock it by right clicking on it to prevent this from happening in the future.

My computres taskbar has aperered at the side of the screen instead of its useual place at the bottom how can?

"Gasp!" Lo-oo-ove your avatar, dear! Mmm-mm! Oh yeah, your toolbar: you can use your mouse pointer to drag it back where it belongs.

Taskbar - it has moved to the vertical right hand side?

Right click the taskbarMake sure the "Lock the taskbar" is not tickedHold the task bar with our mouse and just drag it down.Here this video will make you understand better :) Read More »

I want to do business of swaping sterring wheel of car from right hand side to left hand. I need to find equip?

The equipment to do this properly, safely and legally will probably have to come from the same suppliers that car factories use. You would need: a full set of drills of all sizes; a full set of spa... Read More »