Tell me the Instagram basics!! lots of points!!!?

Answer I've had Instagram for ages and I use it every day! 1.) every one uploads different amounts of pics! Personally I don't keep count! I post when I find something interesting! 2.) not all photos with... Read More »

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How do you get more followers on Instagram quick other than uploading lots of pictures?

-You should upload good photos. -Edit your photos to make them look attractive & beautiful-Use some good hash tags#instagood #me #cute #instagramtagsdotcom #tbt #instamood #iphonesia #picoftheday #... Read More »

How can I make lots of points on Yahoo! fast?

Keep answering the questions then vote for best answers. Only one point per vote but quick to do.

Trying to find homework to do at home on the internet been through many sites and lots and lots of scams?

Approach a reputable employment agency, they do have such jobs. Any site found on the web is going to be a scam, if you have given any of these sites personal info (bank or card details) contact yo... Read More »

Why is my hard drive making lots of noise as if am working lots on my pc but am not ?

You may have too many programs running.Whats on your tool bar?Anything you can turn off?