The Best Ways to Record a Phone Message From a Digital Phone Service?

Answer When you are on the phone or otherwise unable to take calls, your digital voice mail systems record messages for you. After you retrieve these messages, you may wish to record them and preserve the... Read More »

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Would u use a service which enabled u 2 record a message on ur phone & then have it auto emailed 2 someone.?

Nope. My cell phone has e-mail, my phone has voice mail. Why would I need this?

How to Record Message on a Ntl Vs2000 Phone?

To record a message on an NTL VS2000 phone, call the 800 toll free number and have a real live tech walk through it. It might be wise to also tape the conversation for future record, in case you n... Read More »

How to Record an Audio Message & Send It to Any Mobile or Landline Phone?

You have options when it comes to recording audio messages and sending them to any mobile or landline telephone. You can record and send messages as pranks or you can send serious messages. How you... Read More »

How to Block My Phone Number on AT&T When I Make a Phone Call From My Home Phone?

Caller ID block is a feature that enables users to hide their phone number on the caller ID of another phone. AT&T home phones offer two types of caller ID blocks: temporary caller ID block and per... Read More »